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The music of The Menheads should be considered the antithesis of the Viennese electronic musical tradition as we know it. The two Viennese musicians Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler produce a masterly mix of electronic tapestries braided with fine instrumental compositions, played by a band specifically assembled for this project.

Heavily influenced by afro, funk and latin sounds whose traditional rhythms form the basis of The Menheads earthy sound, engendering tracks anchored in phat dubby beats and others with the beats to the fore. Compositions stand out for their exquisite fusion of cosmic sounds laced with hints of jazz and latin. The bottom line: The Menheads deal exclusively in drop-dead groovy dance music.

Marcello Armetta

Acclaimed Vienna DJ Marcello has been spinning at clubs and large events both in Austria and abroad for fifteen years. Firmly rooted in Black Music, Marcello's musical odyssey took him through the worlds of latin, afro, jazz and funk with detours into 70s German electronica and the British ambient scene, eventually leading him to today's new electronic music.

However he remains faithful to his roots in the earthy sounds which have characterized The Menheads over their two-year existence. Manifesto: "I don't go with trends. I want to touch people with my music."

After several sucesses as Compiler and DJ, Armetta started to get involved with production- forming the "Nu-Funk" outfit The Menheads with partner-in-crime Mike Hirschler in 1997. 1999 saw the relaese of their critically accalimed 12" "La Politique" (after several compilation based releases) which was followed by german Club Chart sucsess "Night Tripping" in Autumn 2001.

Trends play a rather subordinated role in the musical oeuvre of Marcello Armetta. Having experienced a diversivied musical socialisation - Jazz, Soul, Funk, Afro, Brazil, Latin, D&B, House, Tech, Trip Hop, Breaks, Nu Jazz... - the viennese born half-sicilian devolped a critical distance towards the musical mainstream. Soundwise effects of his stylistical deviance: Cross genre selections, rhythmical diversification and taste concious crowd pleasing.

Michael Hirschler

"I can´t really remember when I started to get involved with music" Producer/DJ/Drummer Mike Hirschler resumes - "the first time I appeared on stage was with four and - well - I haven't looked back since".

Brought up in a musical family, the Viennese musician played drums and piano professionally since his early childhood. The countless gigs he attended with his father (a professional musican) brought him an elementary understanding of the various forms of popular music (Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz,..).

A chance meeting with his current partner Armetta six years ago, started a process of immersion in black and electronic music. In 1998 they released "Get this text on Television" recorded with versed studio musicans under the synonym "The Menheads". October 2000 saw the relaese of their critically acclaimed, first 12" "La Politique", followed by the massive German Club Chart succsess "Night Tripping" (No. 2 DCC) in October 2001.

Besides his producer role, Hirschler is also responsible for the tight drum parts of The Menheads, a beat concious approach also reflected in his funky DJ sets.


Electronica, Vienna New School, Leftfield, Club/Dance, Breakbeat, Downbeat, Dub, Latin
gearthy, trippy, fiery
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