Vienna Scientists DJs

Freedom Satellite

The producers/DJs Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner have been working together since 1997 as Freedom Satellite. The two friends are connected by their love of super-tight rhythm and vital flow in music.

For Freedom Satellite the symbiosis of traditional music genres of the „Black Community“ and the new fields of „Electronic Music“ constitutes the next stage of the most recent music style.

Stefan Obermaier

After deeply inhaling on the vibes of his fathers’ magic collection of Jazz, Funk and Soul music during the teenage days, it was Vienna’s mid nineties downtempo and dub influenced electronica that basically changed Stefan Obermaier’s life forever. There it was: the essence of his fathers’ tapes, sort of like refined and filtered through european minimalism and artful reduction... made possible by the unmistakeable „viennese“ attitude of simply „being cool and feeling funky“.

Human Fly

With Human Fly, Jürgen Drimal, Gernot Ebenlechner and Felix Stecher (Dublex Inc.) present us their first collaboration. The three DJs and Producers meet at a DJ Gig: “We started visiting each other, introduced us to friends and finally became friends and then we started to feature each other musically”. The output of their musical symbioses is a razorsharp two track Vinyl packed with spherical Electro-Break-Funk collisions.

Shanti Roots

Vienna Scientists A&R Manager Jürgen Drimal ressurrected Shanti Roots to new life in 2001. He convinced Markus Dohelsky to release some new tracks on Vienna Scientists Recordings and as a result the “Afrique” – E.P. was published in April 2002.

The next output was the making of several remixes for Vienna Scientists Acts like The Menheads, Three Minutes with Mark Murphy on one side, but also for artists, coming from outside. Their recent release is the track “New Toy”, which is to be found on the ne Vienna Scientists Compilation “Vienna Scientists IV- five years of solid grooves”, released in May 2004. All those tracks demonstrate Markus Dohelsky’s affinity towards a deep and powerful bassfoundation, which supports a mighty groove, hovering on a carpet of percussion.

The Menheads

The music of The Menheads should be considered the antithesis of the Viennese electronic musical tradition as we know it. The two Viennese musicians Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler produce a masterly mix of electronic tapestries braided with fine instrumental compositions, played by a band specifically assembled for this project.

Heavily influenced by afro, funk and latin sounds whose traditional rhythms form the basis of The Menheads earthy sound, engendering tracks anchored in phat dubby beats and others with the beats to the fore. Compositions stand out for their exquisite fusion of cosmic sounds laced with hints of jazz and latin. The bottom line: The Menheads deal exclusively in drop-dead groovy dance music.


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