Vienna Scientists III [CD]

Various Artists
Vienna Scientists III — A Mighty Good Feeling
Columbia / Sony Music
Cat. No.:
COL 500660-2
CD Compilation
Release Date:
Nov, 2000
Electronica, Leftfield, Downbeat, Dub, Latin Beats
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Release Info

It’s time again for an excursion into the dark, basement located laboratories of the Viennese producer and DJ guild. If one sums up the multiple layers of “A mighty good feeling” / Vol. III he will notice the technical and creative evolution that has taken place since the release of Vol.I, notable enlarging the musical-spectrum with a couple of very danceable facettes.

“First Scientist” Jürgen Drimal did a very careful job comiling Vol. III and was able to add some rather interesting new entries.The soundspectrum ranges from latin & brazilian influences over ambient, dub, funk, trip hop and breakbeat up to classical straight-ahead jazz and pays respect to the multidirectional “soundmelange” that provides austria´s contemporary new skool with food, soul and inspiration.

Track Infos

01 Vienna D.C. — Dope Control [4:17] *

The impression that Gregor Ugovsek and Michael Konrad (VIENNA DC) want to leave their listeners with is, in their own definition, "non-spectacular, unconcepted and floating music - snapshots instead of perfect arrangements.We don´t claim to be hype or underground. Our primarily goal is not to satisfy an audience, but to satisfy ourselves.Though in case of the relaxed and spherical mood of “Dope Control” satisfaction is guranteed on the listeners side as well.

02 Familie Seelig — Friends [6:32] *

Familie Seelig consits of Alexander Kellas conceptual “enfant terrible” of all media, art and communicational channels and Daniel Sack the “supernormal” lad with comedial tendencies toward melodramatical appearances. Since their foundation in 1995 the two create their relaxed “livingroom-sound” that adds massive “chill-out” qualities to their featured track “Friends”

03 Sin — The Game Of Despise [4:35] *

Sin was founded by Mona Moore and Richard Dorfmeister in 1989. Six months later, Andi Orel joined the project. In 1990, they released their first 12" 'Where Shall I Turn?" on the Abuse Industries-Label. This record was the first of it´s kind to get radio airplay in Austria and it stands for nice and smooth vocal Trip-Hop. In Italy it became kind of a cult record. In 1993, Richard Dorfmeister left Vienna for a long stretch of time, but Mona Moore and Andi Orel have continued their project as a duo. Many recordings later down a long and winding scenic road along with first-time remixes for artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan were also released by Sin. The laszive sinister groove of “The Game of Despise” already offers a taste of their upcoming “Album Kissing”.

04 Tosca — Annanas [6:34]

Since the release of their first 12” in 1994 Rupert Huber’s and Richard Dorfmeister’s  Project TOSCA evolved into one of the most important acts of the Viennese electronic scene. After it’s sucsessfull predecessor many 12inches and LP’s followed. The track annanas (licensed from G-Stone Recordings) was featured on their last LP “Suzuki”.

05 Freedom Satellite — Dubalicious [4:43] *

Driven by the easy beat of the milleniums latinazation Freedom Satellite takes us on a knee-deep excursion into nu – jazz´s dubophil south america exploitations.With this track producerduo Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner continue their 1998 initiated field trip into the outer regions of electronic music and retarded rhythms, floating into the contemporary pastiche style without loosing their organic touch.

06 The Menheads — Keep On Truckin’ [6:20] *

The music of the Menheads should be considered the antithesis of the Viennese electronical musical tradition as we know it.”Masterminds” Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler produce a masterly mix of electronic tapestries braided with fine instrumental compositions, played by a band especially assembled for this project. ”Keep on Truckin” ´s funky reminisence to the late seventies will not only pleasure  “dedicated movie goers”.

07 Syncope — Drugstore Woman [5:42] *

Producer and brother pair Phillip and Max Thomasberger count Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova, D&B, Trip Hop and electro to their main inspirational sources, which they steadily rearange into very tight and danceable tracks. “Drugstore Woman” was inspired by an early morning “love at first sight” encounter Phillip shared with a female Viennese pharmacy employee.

08 Walkner.Möstl — Who Is It? [6:41]

After the relase of their EP „Bluish”  duo  Walkner.Möstl produced another exquisite soundpiece entitled “Heaven or Hell”. Relased in Sep.1999 “Heaven or Hell” displays the enormous versatility of the  Linz/Vienna based DJ/Producer couple. The track “Who is it” which has been licensed for Vol.III gives us a sneak insight into their sheer endless soundscapes.

09 The Waz Exp. — Close Your Eyes [5:20] *

DJ Martin "Waz"  Wazac and Producer Alex Mayer, both influenced by "Afro-Cosmic Sound” which is quite popular within western-austria and the south of germany.With “Close your Eyes” they  deliver a Reggae flavored down-tempo piece, originating from their current and creativewise very productive work-phase.

10 Uko — Little Trick [4:38] *

With the unmistakable aesthetic sounds of “Sun Beams” and “Do yourself some good” UKO already made a big impression with on part one and two of VIENNA SCIENTISTS – Founded in 1998 as an audiovisual project by brothers Martin&Jürgen Nußbaum UKO`s ”Little Trick” reaches from minimalistic, abstract soundscapes up to dub - infected downtempo tracks.

11 Snail Mail — 5-Leaf-Clover [4:36] *

The first contact with an Atari 1040 Computer changed the worldview of classical trained musican Thomas Schiretz forever. After several attemps to get into production Schiretz found his ideal counterpart in singer & pianoplayer Kurt Strohmeier and formed “Snail Mail” with him.The deep dub driven Reggae of “5 – Leaf - Clover” provides us with a premiere listening into their musical output.

12 Sonic Adventure Project — Forty-Two [5:25] *

The various influnces of Sonic adventure Project aka Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehböck range from electro to alternative rock. In the middle of 1999 the two founded the upper Austrian located “Starmill Studios” and decided to get into production. With “Forty-Two” they present us their musical debut.

*) previously unreleased


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