Vienna Scientists [CD]

Various Artists
Vienna Scientists — A Selection Into Dub Funk Trip Hop Drum’n’Bass
Columbia / Sony Music
Cat. No.:
COL 492829-2
CD Compilation
Release Date:
Nov, 1998
Electronica, Leftfield, Downbeat, Dub
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Release Info

Vienna Scientists offers a selection of Austrian productions in a greatly growing market segment, and is thus the starting gun for a few very spicey artists in the age of "New Electronic Music". As a "City of Music" Vienna has been a cornerstone to the tradition of music. The solid ancient musical fundament that Vienna is well known for has cued in the past few decades to more tourist-oriented entertainment and sentimental memories. But hold that elevator bebopsters, 'cause a young generation of domestic musicians and producers be changin' this as you be readin'. Success with a capital "S" for the Cool Vibes do'ers: Jürgen Drimal and Sony A&R manager Christoph Holy. Both be at the pulpit spreadin' the word of the Vienna Scientists. This CD and VINYL be a new concept - quasi "The Yellow Brick Road" which will be followed. The cover of Vienna Scientists was created by the artist Mario Huber.

Track Infos

01 Freedom Satellite — Trash [5:20] *

Freedom Satellite was dug in the Spring of 1998, by Jürgen Drimal (Cool Vibes and Holli´s Haus Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner. The project offers a smart and groovy style doin' Triphop - Dub - Funk. Vocals: Conchita Mini.

02 UKO — Do Yourself Some Good [6:08] *

UKO is an audiovisual joint venture between the cities of London and Vienna. The tracks from UKO connect dub-electronics and funky-breakbeats with visual digital animations. Leader of the project is producer Jürgen Nussbaum.

03 Sub System Crew — Conscious [4:31] *

Sub System Crew was founded in Vienna in 1996. Producer Stefan Moerth released in the Fall of 1998, under the G-Stone Recordings label, the Stereotyp / Stash It Ep and worked as Co-Producer for Waldeck/Balance Of The Force. Vocals: Bubu.

04 The Uptight People — The Maybe Tomorrow Dub [2:44] *

The Uptight People/Rodney Hunter and Werner Geier aka Demon Flowers. Rodney Hunter is the producer from the Aphrodelics, Werner Geier the mastermind from the radioshow „Tribe Vibes" on the Viennese Radio Station FM4. Besides their joint label Uptight Records, they became well known in the scene with remixes for Freakpower, Mark Murphy, Tosca, Omar, Martine Girault, Count Basic, Waldeck, Urbs & Chaos, etc.

05 Mama Oliver — Eastwest (Resmoked by R.Dorfmeister) [5:35]

Mama Oliver was released on Uptight Records and remixed by Richard Dorfmeister. With his partner Peter Kruder, Richard owns G-Stone Recordings. Further Richard Dorfmeister-projects: Tosca and Kruder & Dorfmeister. Remixes for: Aphrodelics, Count Basic, Sin, Sofa Surfers, Beanfield, Knowtoryous, Akasha, Rockers Hi Fi, Bomb The Bass, Alex Reece, Lamb, Bone Thugs´n Harmony, Strange Cargo, David Holmes, Depeche Mode and Madonna.

06 The Menheads — Get This Text On Television [6:32] *

The Menheads be Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler. Marchello Armetta - sampler, DJ, producer and Michael Hirschler - DJ, producer, drumme - work together on productions for the Funk-Groove-Electronic-genre.

07 Sin — On Boulevards (Kirlian Remix) [6:18] *

Sin was founded by Mona Moore and Richard Dorfmeister in 1989. Six months later, Andi Orel joined the project. In 1990, Sin released their first Maxi-Single "Where Shall I Turn?" under the Abuse Industries-Label. This record was the first homerecording of it´s kind to get radio airtime in Austria. This music stands for the finest in Dream-Pop and Triphop. In Italy it became a Cult-Record. In 1993, Richard Dorfmeister left Vienna for a long stretch of time, but Mona Moore and Andi Orel have continued their project as a duo. Many Recordings later down a long and winding scenic road along with first-time remixes for artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan were also released by Sin. Their debute-album „Insinuation" was released in May, 1998, and became a worldwide seller.

08 Darcosan — Babe Factor [5:40] *

Darcosan, upcoming DJ 1998. Since 1996, he has been a sought after buzzin' DJ for quality sounds like Ambient, Dub, Triphop, Electro and Drum & Bass. He built his own homestudio in the Fall of 1997, where his electronic beehive has been ideal for keeping him busy as a bee producing sweet mixtures honey mixtures. Some releases under Austrian top-labels are being planned.

09 Club Med — Safari [4:50] *

Club Med was fusioned in the Summer of 1998, by DJ Makossa (FM4), Jürgen Drimal (Cool Vibes/Hollis Haus Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner (I/O Studios). They all together now make one act. The subject of this project is the legendary Swound Sound. This be a fine mixture of Dub-Funk-Progressive-Dope Beats.

10 Batsheba — Five Nights (J.Drimal Bajun Holiday Dub) [6:17] *

The coming of 1998 has seen da' Man standin' behind this pseudonym. Austria´s longest serving DJ: DJ Romeo played many sets for famous events like: Heaven, Kinky Disco, Gazometer, Tribal Rave (and too many others to mention here!). Da' Boy also stirred up the dancefloors with his unique sound. DJ Romeo has been producin' since 1997. He prepared his first „housy" remix for Waldeck´s "Aquarius".

11 Gü-mix — Get Up Man [6:00] **

Gümix. Co-Founder of the Viennese Dub-Club. Like the thriving Club, he established himself quite well in Vienna, and he be well known for his deep, groovy Tribal-Funky-Dub style. In 1997, he released his first record "Get Up Man" under his own Dub Club-label. Richard Dorfmeister´s Tosca project and the Uptight People contributed their remixes.

12 The Waz Exp. — Bang Lassi [4:47] *

The Waz Exp. be Martin Wazac (DJ and producer) and Alex Mayer (producer and Didgeridoowizard). Because of their fine Afro-Dub style, the project was just ripe to be integrated on to the Vienna Scientists Concept. Recordings were released on the Austrian labels Spray- and Glow Records.

13 Sprite & Salieri — Predictive Representation In Time… [6:10] *

Behind Sprite & Salieri stays none other than Umberto Gollini and Hagen Kant. Umberto Gollini already published productions under the labels Cheap, Morbid, Sub, Sabotage, Disko B, Con*, Loritz und Gelb. If you're lucky, you can hear him working as a DJ in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg and Zagreb. Hagen Kant studied computer linguistics with the main points being synthetic languages and development of sound generators and filters. Since 1996, he has been workin' as a music publisher/label (sub/con*) and has released thangs' under Stud!o, K7, Sabotage, Craft, Disko B., Con*, Sub and others.

14 Aromabar — Winter Pageant [4:40] *

Aromabar came to life in 1996, via creative will from Roland Hackl and Andreas Kinzl. Their sound could be called Popcouture. Their preferences are deep, stimulating Downtempotunes. Sound and production be important points to these cool kitties. Aromabar fills the word Pop with melody and content, with song structures and vocals standin' in the foreground. They feature the vox of Karin Steger in “Winter Pageant", who will also contribute several tunes for their forthcoming album. Aromabar made ist debute on the InfraCom-Compilation "Fast Forward" with the brilliant "Telephone", which was also released in the United States.

*) previously unreleased
**) previously unreleased on CD


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