Secrets Part 2 [12"]

Three Minutes with Mark Murphy
Secrets Part 2
Cat. No.:
VIE 017
12" Maxi-single
Release Date:
Mon, 21 Apr, 2008
House, Leftfield, Electronic
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Release Info

It's no longer a secret … Vienna Scientists are back.

After the Vienna Basis had delievered the first Remixes for „Three Minutes ans Mr. Mark Murphy“, also Dubonauten and friendly galaxies come into operation. The James Brown of our days alias Quantic is thanks to his video projector again part of all partys from Brighton to Buxtehude — without loosing quality. Also the Soundengineers form Dublex Inc. out of Stuttgart rotate again in their specially build orbit. Besides the Vienna cosmopolits and jetsets from Madrid de los Austrias and last but not least Three Minutes-member Alexdrum with his Buddy Don Summer alias Fake Fellini. The crew carrys us once again to places, which existance has been a secret so far. But they are generally known to be disclosed.

Track Info

A1 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (MDLA Remix) [6:43]

Yeah yeah yeah. MdiA come directly from their last after hour and bring along Nappy G. Dirty drums and classic bubble in the background. When they dive some steps deeper in the Clubs as they have also done with Richard Dorfmeister on Sunshine Enterprise and G-Stone, the room wafts.

A2 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Quantic Remix) [5:02]

Multistyler Will Holland takes up time. The note gets a jazzy playing tension for which he is appreciated since is firstling „The 5 th Exotic“.Contrabass and Drums nestle to the vocals and the trumpet as it would be the most natural thing on earth. Tru Thoughts Funkateer alwasy have the groove in the sleeves.

B1 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Dublex Inc. Remix) [6:30]

The Stuttgart Quartet has still a squeezer, which they elicit a groove further phatness. Their version comes to the poin and adds besides dub also boogie to their powder-trademark-sound.

B2 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Fake Fellini Remix) [7:11]

In the universe is always after-hour. In the ende Alexdrum peels next to Don Summer with the aid of repetition a sublime, timeless element of the original and includes a dash bass and wumms, which should bring Mark Murphy also in the last club. Really raised up this austronauts!


"nach langem warten endlich new sounds from the Vienna Scientists headquarter!"DJ Makossa (Radio FM4 Wien, Makossa & Megablast, G-Stone Recordings, Vienna/A)

"i like it very much.... its a lovely slightly jazzy housy groove and it flows... cool thing!!"DJ Morpheus aka Samy Birnbach (Freezone, SSR, Crammed, Brussels/BE)

"The sound of vienna, entschlackt und upgedated. nice one..."Michael Sauer (Electric Mojo Club, Flowerz, Fellmann & Louise, Hamburg/D)

"Taking the good old Vienna Dub Sound to 3 other levels" (New-Forms, De:Bug, Berlin/D)

"Sehr gelungene remix ep die sicherlich in der Nächsten Zeit bei mir im Koffer bleibt. Meine favs: MDLA remix weil einfach straight no bullshit deep biz. und Fake Fellini mix. Ein wuchtiger space groover."skwerl (Sonar Kollektiv, Vienna/A)

"I haven't heard from vienna scientists for a while and it's really unbelievable how they re-create themselfes like a poenix from the ashes! if you think of the feeling from 'vienna scientists vol.1' and transport it into 2008 you'll get an idea of how the 'secrets remixes' sounds like! deep, pushing, unmistakable vienna, unmistakable vienna scientists and rockin' like there's no tomorrow!"Flo Pflüger (Dublex Inc., Pulver Records, Stuttgart/D)

"I REALLY LIKE IT! Quite deep, hypnotic, and melancholic bass driven house and it sounds very good too! Congrats for the mastering! I played it at a party on saturday and it had a very nice effect on the dancefloor! :)"DJ Zee (Hungary)

"great selection of mixes, in my case and in my charts. welcome back vienna scientist!"Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes/Cologne/DE)

"gefaellt mir sehr gut, suppa deep´n´dubby. groovy bass und spacey keys, thats what it is."DJ Enne (Innvision-Records, Iinnsbruck/AT)

"Really nice stuff! What a new style! I played it in my radioshow already. I am always happy to see new releases from Vienna Scientists."DJ Infragandhi (Est Fm, Budapest/Hungary)

"Like it very much, very characteristic of Vienna Scientists!"JP Rigaud (Beach Blanket Boogie/Miami/US)



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