Secrets Part 1 [12"]

Three Minutes with Mark Murphy
Secrets Part 1 — The Vienna Scientists Mixes
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VIE 015
12" Maxi-single
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Mon, 10 Mar, 2008
House, Leftfield, Electronic
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Soul Seduction


Fri, 25 Apr 2008
Vienna (A), Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secrets Releaseparty @ Roxy feat. V.A.


Release Info

It was a lucky chance when Jazzlegend Mark Murphy visited Austria five years ago. The icon of the post bop era took the time to contribute his voice to ‘Secrets’. Another coincidence has him just being signed to Universal in order to give the man a push on the European market. There was certainly no need to introduce the only hip crooner in jazz to A&R Jürgen Drimal, since the output of the Vienna Scientists has always been tinged with America’s black musical history — a combination which is just as natural as cream and coffee.

The original of “Three Minutes”, a one-off project of Darcosan and Alexdrum, pays tribute to label’s trademark sound: the fusion of a hypnotic dub-ambience with Franz Hautzinger’s cupped trumpet and Mark Murphy’s mysterious timbre creates a haunting tension.

Planned to be released as a remix–project, many modifying treatments had been added to the original’s character. Not only the Vienna Scientists artists themselves, but a respectable number of akin producers delivered a stunning version. The best of all these great remixes are now to be released on two seperate 12"s. Three Vienna Scientists artists are featured on this first one. Despite their unique handwriting, all of the acts share that certain touch which fostered the label’s exclusive reputation. With their common denominator of a four-to-the-floor rhythm, they altogether aimed to produce tracks for the tasteful DJ.

Track Info

A1 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Freedom Satellite Remix) [5:33]

In spite of the housy approach, Freedom Satellite ’s most minimalistic version maintains the original’s hypnotic mood at its best. A pulsating bass motif yields the trance-like quality of the track. Once again, Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner are cocksure in their choice of sounds and generate a texture of sheer elegance. The arrangement underlines their musicianship in a formidable way: the break which was custom-made for Murphy’s wicked voice is red hot heat.

B1 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Shanti Roots Remix) [5:50]

No matter which metre forms the basis of a track, it can always be deduced as the work of this man: Markus Dohelsky adds a straight forward kickdrum to his typical Shanti Roots style, one of that sort which gives credit to its name! A funky guitar lick joins a bold statement with the bass, just until a short break leads into electronic territorry. This turnover marks the true nature of technoid sounds with a soul: handclaps, not handbags, baby!

B2 Three Minutes with Mark Murphy — Secret (Stefan Obermaier Remix) [5:33]

With his contribution to the compilation Vienna Scientists IV – Five Years Of Solid Grooves, the label’s newcomer has already demonstrated his musical love for dub and funk: Stefan Obermaier is a disciple of Vienna’s organic tradition in electronic music! His version is dominated by a soft bounce seamed with layers of delays. Driven by a steady bass, the funky feel of this track gains momentum with a guitar line that doubles the motif superbly. Clouded by smoke like effects, Murphy’s voice delivers a spooky 'Secrets’. Until the smoke has lifted, there’s just enough time to flip the disc once again.


"nach langem warten endlich new sounds from the Vienna Scientists headquarter! Freedom Satellite remix is mein favorit!"DJ Makossa (Radio FM4 Wien, Makossa & Megablast, G-Stone Recordings, Vienna/A)

"Diggin’ the Freedom Satellite Remix!!!"Rainer Trüby (Trüby Trio, Compost Records, Rootdown, Freiburg/D)

"i like it very much.... its a lovely slightly jazzy housy groove and it flows... cool thing!!"DJ Morpheus aka Samy Birnbach (Freezone, SSR, Crammed, Brussels/BE)

"The sound of vienna, entschlackt und upgedated. nice one..."Michael Sauer (Electric Mojo Club, Flowerz, Fellmann & Louise, Hamburg/D)

"Taking the good old Vienna Dub Sound to 3 other levels" (New-Forms, De:Bug, Berlin/D)

"Freedom Satellite remix ein winner mit hohem Drehmoment, sehr cooler remix, die trompete gibt dem track noch sensuelle romantik, auf sowas stehe ich total!"skwerl (Sonar Kollektiv, Vienna/A)

"I haven't heard from vienna scientists for a while and it's really unbelievable how they re-create themselfes like a poenix from the ashes! if you think of the feeling from 'vienna scientists vol.1' and transport it into 2008 you'll get an idea of how the 'secrets remixes' sounds like! deep, pushing, unmistakable vienna, unmistakable vienna scientists and rockin' like there's no tomorrow!"Flo Pflüger (Dublex Inc., Pulver Records, Stuttgart/D)

"Really nice stuff! What a new style! I played it in my radioshow already. I am always happy to see new releases from Vienna Scientists."DJ Infragandhi (Est Fm, Budapest/Hungary)

"A pulsing bass and 4-4 step, nicely chopped up with a Jazzy shuffle, to the whispery vocals from Mark Murphy in a poetic style of speak, and the ever underlying dubby fx as the Vienna Scientists do…..making it welcome to mix into either Dub or Nu Jazz styles easily."R.F.G. (The Morning Steppa, Afternoon Tea, KFM Radio, George FM, Auckland/NZ)

"Like it very much, very characteristic of Vienna Scientists!"JP Rigaud (Beach Blanket Boogie/Miami/US)


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