Afrique [12"]

Shanti Roots
Cat. No.:
VIE 010
12" Maxi-single
Release Date:
Mon, 22 Apr, 2002
Electronica, Leftfield, Breakbeat
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Soul Seduction


Release Info

With an eclectic Mix of Dope Beats, Funk, Dub, D&B and House Markus Dohelsky, Christoph Ziereis and Istvan Zachar constitute the musical contours of the Shanti Roots . In 1992 the trio started to produce, in 1997 they released their first album (“Subcodex”) and in 2002 they represent us the culmination of their previous work with  their compact “floor rocker” manifesto “Afrique”. Congenial support is provided by DJ Gerald “Scheibosan” Scheiber who adds an extra portion “Funk” into the mix.

Track Infos

A1 Shanti Roots — Afrique feat. Scheibosan [7:20]

With consistent Rhodes – swirls, electric breakbeats and hypnotic chant lines, “Afrique” merges eighties “arcade effects” and tribal motives into a raw n’tasty Nu-Funk gem. Straight for the floor!

B1 Shanti Roots — Believe [5:55]

With it’s roots slightly in the house camp this tight “batucadaish” Rocker flirts with ambient harmonies and freneteic D&B basslines, resulting in a fine piece of “Supreme Electronic Samba”.

B2 Shanti Roots — Peace [5:34]

The “Afrique” Trinity closes with “Peace” a deep, smokey Dub, mingled with crisp 2step breaks and the decent vocals of upcoming austrian MC n.ton.


"…really kicks you in the gut – heavily dub infused…. a growing number of open minded players should shock. Mighty!" © IDJ / UK, June 2002

"It veers in all directions, flierting with genres but never firmly stepping foot into any one…" © SEVEN UPDATE / UK, June 2002

"“Believe” is up and fun….”Peace is pure dub – a little dark, but perfect for those scary late night essions…" © MUZIK / UK, August 2002

"….Incorporating house, ambient harmonies, dub, tearing sub bass and vocals, make this an essential…" © DJ / UK, June 2002

"Sees the rasta in the corner light up another spliff as he chants over green tinted jagged Electro beats that smoke slowly, a nasty perturbing bass that provides the paranoia trip and soft sweet aromatice skunk cymbals." © BEATS.TO / UK, June 2002



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