A Family Affair [2xLP]

Various Artists
A Famliy Affair — selected by Jürgen Drimal & Raimund Flöck
Cat. No.:
VIE 009 LP
2xLP Compilation
Release Date:
Mon, 26 Nov, 2001
Electronica, Leftfield, Funk, Downbeat
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Soul Seduction


Release Info

After one and a half years of continuing fun & friendship, producers/DJs/compilers Jürgen Drimal & Raimund Flöck decided to create a platform for their “floor-rocking” qualities. With “A Family Affair” they present us with a carefully chosen selection of their funky favourites from past, present and future.

“Apart from having a lot of fun on our package tour gigs” says Jürgen Drimal “we always received a great response from our audiences”. “The chemistry simply seemed to work ... not only for the floor but on a personal level as well” adds Raimund Flöck. After one and a half years of continuing fun & friendship, producers/DJs/compilers Jürgen Drimal & Raimund Flöck decided to create a platform for their “floor – rocking” qualities. With “A Family Affair” they present us with a carefully chosen selection of their funky favourites from past , present and future. Partly unreleased, partly avaliable on 7 or 12 inch, the thirteen tracks from “A Family Affair” represent a batch of the toughest grooves the post-2000 years have yet to offer. Ranging from up to downtempo, the “Affair” selection is held together by an “organic feel” that the featured content seems to share. Disco, Blues, Bossa, Jazz, Funk, Soul, D&B, Trip Hop, Dub, Electronic Jazz and Ambient merge into a pleasantly homogenous musical experience.

Track Infos

A1 Mikrofunk — Pukkah Experience [5:42]

Space infused Jazz Keyboards and tight Break patterns set the tone for the premiere - release of the brandnew artist “Mikrofunk”. With it’s soothing - hypnotical qualities "The Pukkah Experience" already offers the taste of their upcoming productions.

A2 Freedom Satellite & Raimund Flöck — Just Relax Yourself [7:44]

Gritty Wah Wah´s, dirty breaks and dub infused basslines blend into a massive nu-funk monster as Raimund Flöck, Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner present their first co-production. Think Norman Whitfield in a deep dub - electro groove and you get the basic emotion.

B1 Quantic — Fresh Rhythm [3:12]

With "Fresh Rhythm" british producer Will Holland aka “Quantic" created one of the most intriguing retro-breakbeat tracks this side of the millenium. Hard grooving organs, psychadelic country strings and classic old skool break patterns collide into three minutes of "rare groove" heaven.

B2 Orbit Experience — DDR (Freedom Satellite Dub) [8:02]

On their semi-legendary 2001 remix of Orbit Experience´s "DDR" Freedom Satellite´s Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner  pump up the bass, add in some gutbucket Soul vocals and turn the beat to "rock da´dub". Last summer the “DDR - Remix” already put a frenzy on the international club crowds…Straight for the floor!

C1 Mo’ Horizons — Walk Into Space Pt. I & II [6:57]

Taken from their extremely successful debut "Come touch the sun" (Stereo Deluxe), "Walk Into Space" presents Mo´Horizons Mark Wetzler and Ralf Droesemeyer in a soulfull mood. Integrating modern production techniques and a handful of talented live-musicians, "Walk into space" vibrates with Horizon’s distinctive blend of smooth accoustic guitars, sparse - funky Fender Rhodes and elegant Bossa harmonies.

C2 Fellmann & Louise — The More You Cry [5:20]

Since their foundation in 1999 Hamburg based Fellman & Louise aka  “Electric Mojo” Resident  Michael Sauer & Pianowizard Max Fellmann have been  pursuing a distinguished mélange of Breakbeat, Electro, Jazz and Funk. "The more you cry"  adds a subtle hint of Delta Blues to their recipe - with breathtaking results ... hypnotical mesmereastion!

D1 Thrust & !Pez — Slight Breeze (Instrumental) [5:35]

Die gekonnt-eklektische Verbindung von Einflüssen und Stilen zählt zu den grundsätzlichen Eigenschaften des Berliner Duo´s Thrust & !PEZ. Brazil und Two Stepp vermengen sich auf ihrem Debüt "Slight Breeze" mit minimalstischen Gitarren Riffs und konsistenten Drum Loops – ihre erste EP auf Vienna Scientists Recordings soll demnächst folgen.

D2 Micatone — A Part Of Me [4:10]

Ein warmer, vibrierender Glanz durchsetzt Micatone’s (Sonar Kollektiv) extrem entspannten downtempo-dittie "A part of me". Sublimer instrumentaler und vokaler Support wird von Lisa Bassenge, Boris Meinhold, Stefan Rogall, Tim Kroker und Paul Kleber gewährleistet. Smooth!


"…this family affair is a broad church with a like minded soul…" © JOCKEY SLUT / UK, February 2002

"…buy it, play it, have fun with it… it´s really that good!…" © PENTHOUSE / UK, January 2002

"…a useful primer when digging for Petersonesque beats and a pleasant aural smoking jacket alike…" © MIXMAG / UK, December 2002

"…Jürgen and Raimund have selected tracks that will rock floors and coffee tables around the world…" © HOUSEMUSIC.COM, 2002

"…A real case of “Vorsprung durch Technik”…" © iDJ / UK, January 2002

"…this is an album for both the headphones and the bass bins… vienna scientists are on the verge of greatness…" © ECHOES / UK, December 2001

"...eine packende Zusammenstellung..." © RAVELINE / D, December 2001

"…Wonneproppung in Jazz not Jazz, Electric Mojo und artverwandtes Umfeld…" © STYLE & THE FAMILY TUNES / D, December 2001

"…Sehr funky, sehr groovy, sehr gut… " © DER ÜBERSTEIGER / D, December 2001

"…eine Kollektion intelligent relaxter Tracks... " © WIENERIN / A, December 2001

"...Werkschau mit Stil... " © EVOLVER.AT, November 2001

"…jedes Stück ist viel zu gut, um nur eine  Sekunde zu verpassen... " © PIRANHA / D, December 2001

"...endlich mal wieder eine cd die der K&D DJ Kicks in nichts nachsteht..." © POPKOMM.DE, November 2001

"...“A Family Affair“ ist ganz weit oben... " © BUMBANET.DE, December 2001



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