Soul Samba EP [12"]

Freedom Satellite
Soul Samba EP
Cat. No.:
VIE 001
12" Maxi-single
Release Date:
Mon, 25 May, 2000
Leftfield, Latin Beats, Downtempo
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Soul Seduction


Release Info

With the project Freedom Satellite Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal have created a platform for the realization of their musical conceptions, influenced by 40 years of recorded history, driven by an affinity for phat-beats.The groove is the grounding for Freedom Satellite, an instrument that sends and responds, connected with contemporary developments and based on a wide apprecation of music in general. Fed by auditive information Freedom Satellite revolves in orbit, obseving and analyzing, a symbiotic system with it´s antennas wide spread.

Driven by the easy beat of the millenium latinazition Freedom Satellite takes us on a knee-deep excursion into nu-jazz´s dubophil south american explotations. The hypnotical quality of the tracks brings back to mind -the reason why- the viennese new-skool had such a strong impact on the contemporary down-tempo scene. Rooted in the free but tight pattern production of Gernot Eberlechner & Jürgen Drimal (with additional inputs by Uptight -producer Rodney Hunter on “Soul Samba”) and dazzeled by the Montgomerian guitar style of fashion designer Gerald Tomez “Soul Samba” stays in the straight forward approach of present elctronic music whilst never loosing it´s “organic touch”.

Jürgen Drimal a passionate record collector, producer and DJ, is also the man in charge for the compilation of “Vienna Scientists Vol. I” relased in November 1998 and the follow up “Vienna Scientists II” relased in August 1999 on Columbia Records. Encouraged by the growing public interest for retarding rhythms and positive resonance from different sources he set the foundation for the label, Vienna Scientitsts Recordings. As head of A&R he keeps his eye eyes and ears wide open for brisk new talents and their acoustic exposes. Together with drummer/producer Gernot Ebenlechner a solid basis was built, which manifested in numerous studio sessions and the formed musical material. Freedom Satellite is completed by fashion designer Gerald Tomez who went through a classical musical education on guitar, and bass player Michael Pint.


"One of the freshest down-tempo acts around at the moment…" © BLUES & SOUL / UK, February 2001, BM

"Blasting off toward stratosphere with their phat beats, uplifting melodics, intricate percussion and latin tinged jazz Jürgen Drimal, Gernot Ebenlechner and Gerald Tomez are the latest in along line of funky Viennese exports." © JOCKEY SLUT / UK, January 2001, MJ

"It´s simply a down-tempo paradise…Vienna Scientists is one of the labels to watch at the moment…" © WAX / UK, 2001, PM

"Sit back, relax and enjoy…a quality five track EP" © BURNITBLUE.COM / UK, March 2001, Ben Mynott

"Freedom satellite proves that there is more to Austria than Arnie and apple strudel…" © CLASS / UK, 2001

"Soul Samba is a richness of musical inspiration that Freedom Satellite has to offer. Notable!" © DISCOID / Italy/UK, 2000

"Freedom Satellite seem to have hit on a formula which works as well on the dance floor as in The bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, batroom, personal stereo, you name it…Find their orbit." © i-D / UK, January 2001, Mark Hooper

"This EP is for people who know where to go, not who to follow…" © FLUX / UK , 2001, SW


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