Drifter EP [12"]

Stefan Obermaier
Drifter EP
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VIE 019
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Release Date:
20.11.09 (AT), 27.11.09 (DE, CH), 11.01.10 (World)
Electronic, Dub, Leftfield, House
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Release Info

Purveyors of classy Viennese electronica rejoice as Vienna Scientists bring forth new musical happenings from local lad Stefan Obermaier.

Drifter EP is a foursome of tough and determined tracks beat inspired and destined for dirty dance floors worldwide. Recognized and much valued Vienna programming topped off with a cheerfully sentimental feel-good factor make this a ‘must have’ slice of wax for the Zero Nine.

Track Info

A1 Bounce feat. sista sadie 05:57

EP takes shape immediately with ‘Bounce’, a bass laden heavy noisy gait of a track mechanically minded and intended to propel and stimulate those late night endomorphines. Plenty of reverb and dangerously discoesque atmospherics raise the game even more. If Cerrone lived in Vienna in the new millennium, anyone?

A2 Turn up 05:50

Spongy sounds and some extra squidgy are noticeable assets to the beginnings of ‘Turn Up’. Then of course the bass drops and you know you are on track for another great night out courtesy of Vienna Scientists. Lots of breaks and bridges and places to re tie your shoelaces too, before the frenzy and bass returns to the floor. Be quick though, this track doesn’t hang about. Another stomper and certainty!

B1 Drifter 06:05

The EP title track ‘Drifter’ waggles into the room inconspicuously at the start but soon after throws off all its clothes in an attempt to shift some lower torso. Bad ass synths and shakers give incentive for action but it’s the killer kick drum and wobbly bassline that do the real damage. Proper late night dirty dancing Vienna style!

B2 Bah Mea 05:19

The last track ‘Bah Mea’ could actually be the first track you play from this EP? A brilliant track to begin your set with! Until of course normal working temperature is reached! Deep, diligent and with a hypnotic groove, it’s an excellent early night track. Never underestimate the power of good warm up tracks too, see them as appetizers to the main course. Bad appetizer = bad meal, and no ifs or buts about it.


"Go stefan go, the drifter ep is definitely a very nice package, bounce (feat sista sadie) is "super knusprig" :) will play in my sets!" © RODNEY HUNTER / AT, 2009

"I've been hammering and massively supporting this fresh 12" as a promo until it finally found its release! The tracks got great response in Brasil, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia and of course in Austria. The "Drifter E.P" brings 4 tunes that are absolute killer- fat beats, unique synth sounds and heavy bass lines.... For me this 12" is the best example how club-music made in Austria should sound!" © HERBERT BACHHOFER aka SHANTISAN / AT, 2009

"Erfrischend groovig mit exzellent eingesetzten Vocals." © ACOUSTIC PARFUM aka DAAN APELDOORN / DE, 2009

"I am familiar with some of Stefans other work- and this is very interesting materials. I will be giving radio support on my weekly show (The Sunday Alternative- Amber Sound 107.2fm - Ripley Derbyshire UK). On first play I liked all of the tracks, with Drifter and Bah Mea being stand-out. I particularly liked Bah Mea as a chill-out tune- ideal for the latter stages of my show. " © LOFTY aka LES WRIGHT / UK, 2010

"Fresh and groovy sounds, I love these dubby and tech freestyle sounds. The whole EP sounds great! Big respect." © ANGELOS STOMPOS Timewarp Inc. / GR, 2010

"Really feeling Bah Mea. nice dub vibes!! thanks for sending ill play this at eighteenth street lounge!" © DJ THOMB aka THOMAS BLONDET / USA, 2010

"Nice and uplifting - will be rocking the liquid bar this weekend" © DJ DAVE BASEK / AUT, 2010

"Remember the heyday of Viennese dub, well fast forward to now and this Drifter EP is an up to date foursome of tough and determined tracks beat inspired and destined for discerning dance floors worldwide with of course a hint of dub. This is most definitely a producer to keep an eye on. " © iDJ / UK, 2010



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