La Politique Remixed [2x12"]

The Menheads
La Politique Remixed
Cat. No.:
VIE 011
2x12" Maxi-single
Release Date:
Mon, 26 Jun, 2002
Leftfield, Downbeat, Latin Beats
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Soul Seduction


Release Info

If the contemporary idea of “remixing” contains the complete remodelling of an original, than “La Politique Remixed” serves the definition well. With it´s raw brass n´ bass, dirty guitar licks and afro flavoured Latin percussion The Menheads original became a hot floor-dittie and much respected “premiere release” in October 2000. On “La Politique Remixed” five artists put the original through a rich variety of stylistic twist and turns, resulting in six unique pieces ranging between Nu-Funk, Dub and House...

Track Infos

A1 The Menheads — La Politique (Shanti Roots Big Illusion Remix) [5:06]

Markus Dohelsky, Christian Ziereis and Istvan Zachar have been producing fine electronica for almost a decade, covering such diverse styles as Dub, House, Electro, Funk, Breakbeat, Ambient and Techno. On their “Big Illusion Remix” they blend smooth-dubby piano parts, pounding bass-lines and steady beats into a fine flowing “midtempo rocker”.

B1 The Menheads — La Politique (World Police Update By Fellmann & Louise) [4:38]

Since their foundation in 1999 Hamburg based Fellman & Louise aka “Electric Mojo” Resident Michael Sauer & Pianowizard Max Fellmann have been  pursuing a distinguished mélange of Breakbeat, Electro, Jazz and Funk. “World Police Update” displays not only their ability for multilayered and beat conscious production work but for dadaistic proto-punk cynism’ as well…

C1 The Menheads — La Politique (Quantic Remix) [4:49]

Since the release of the excellent “Fresh Rhythm” british producer Will Holland aka “Quantic" has continiously build a solid reputation for tasty nu-funk gems. His treatment of “La Politique” arrive break n´percussion ladder punctuating the originals horn section with extended jams, resulting in a solid Funk stomper.

C2 The Menheads — La Politique (Uko Flavoured) [4:41]

UKO - brainchild of brothers Martin and Jürgen Nussbaum stands for some of the most original downtempo tracks to arrise from Viennas Nu-Skool in the past couple of years. The UKO Remix distinguihses itself with a sparse break n’bass arrangement bringing the orginal´s french lyrics back into the spotlight.

D1 The Menheads — Gui Bassa Ritmo (Ecstatic Thrust & !Pez Rework) [5:47]

Although Berlin based DJ/Producer Duo Thrust & !Pez  have been part of the DJ scene for almost a decade now, they only went into production last year. Their “Ecstatic Gui Bassa Ritmo Rework” presents itself in a 2Step framework covered by slightly abstract clavinet figures.

D2 The Menheads — La Politique (Shanti Roots Burning Remix) [4:33]

On their second “La Politique” Remix by the Shanti Roots settle into an ambient flavoured mood underlayed  by a Sinister, badalamentish tone. Sublime burner…


"6 Remixe des Tracks von dem Album der Menheads, von Shanti Roots, die sehr lässig rockenden Apreggiator Dub aus dem Track machen, Fellmann & Louise von Combination die dem ganzen eine fast komische Latinelektro-NoNewYork-Ska Attitude verpassen die einen ganz schön aus dem Konzept bringt vor lauter Stylewitzen, einem etwas zu vollmundig jazzigen Quantic Gangstertreatment, dem trocken rollend morbiden Vocalbackup von UKO, das mit ungewöhnlichen Breaks den Charme früher HipHop Reduktionisten auf MoWax wiederaufgreift und in ein elektroider siedendes Fieber versenkt, einem leicht 2steppigen Latincongablast von Thrust und !Pez aus Berlin, das ein klein wenig weniger Samplewhirlpool auch vertragen hätte und einem deepen detroit Shanti Roots Bonus Mix. Sehr vielseitige und komplett coole Selection" bleed © DE:BUG , June 2002  



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