Soul Samba Remix Collection [CD]

Freedom Satellite
Soul Samba Remix Collection
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VIE 005 CD
Release Date:
Mon, 25 Jun, 2001
Electronica, Leftfield, Latin Beats, Downtempo
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Soul Seduction


Release Info

With its memorable combination of tribal beats, crystalline breaks, melodic vibraphone motifs and blasts of brass, Freedom Satellite ’s “Soul Samba” became a full-on club hit in 2000. Motivated by the interest expressed by various producers and the desire to work with like-minded musicians, Freedom Satellite producers Gernot Ebenlechner and Jürgen Drimal decided to get on the case and unleash their remix project. The first in a series of three 12" singles is now available and the second and third has been released in May 2001.

Track Infos

01 Freedom Satellite — Easy (Dublex Inc. Remix) [7:44]

Last year Dublex Producers Felix Stecher and Florian Pflüger joined forces with DJ´s Rino Spadaveccia and Robin Hoffman forming the cooperational project Dublex Inc. The quartet’s productions cover a broad spectrum of styles. They range from downbeat to jazz, from electro to brazil. Now Dublex Inc. presents us a fine mid-tempo piece, set somewhere between Klaus Schulze and Sergio Mendes.

02 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (Aromabar Open Air Mix) [6:47]

Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut "1" (Infracom) Aromabar masterminds Roland Hackl and Andreas Kinzl have developed a widespread reputation for distinctive borderline productions.Their smooth elegant sounds could be described as "pop couture" – an eclectic mixture of contemporary electronic sounds and classic pop. "Soul Samba – Open Air Mix" distinguishes itself with floating harmony structures, based on a pop beat with a "housy" feel, providing us with a short preview of their upcoming second LP.

03 Freedom Satellite — Easy (Freedom Satellite Instrumental Mix) [4:32]

With it’s relaxed and dub-tinged atmosphere “Easy” became a massive favourite with funk-out oriented club-crowds. As CD-bonus track Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner present you the never before released instrumental version.

04 Freedom Satellite — Savor (Vinyl Vibes Remix) [8:05]

It is that open minded approach towards Jazz and jazz-based club tunes that best describes the productions of Cologone-based duo "Vinyl Vibes" Karsten John and Stefan Böhmer - perfect proof being their legendary weekly club of the same name. Warm, floating grooves, smooth basslines and psychedelic sitar elements transform this downtempo track from "easy" to extremely relaxed.

05 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (Max Schneider Remix) [6:25]

For three consecutive years multiinstrumentalist Max Schneider has released several formidable 12"s on the German Infracom Label. Although his long-awaited album is still in the lab, the Schneider remix of "Soul Samba" gives you an idea of things to come. Based on abstract drum & percussion loops, Schneider transforms "Soul Samba" into a hypnotic, soulful electro meltdown. Sublime vocal support comes by way of Patricia Kamden.

06 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (The Menheads Head Mix) [4:41]

"Blaxploitation meets electro-brazilian-boogie" could be the motto of the Menheads energetic "Soul Samba - Headmix" . Ever since their foundation in 1997, producerduo Marcello Armetta and Michael Hirschler have pursued a distinctive mixture of funky bass-lines, latin rhythms and jazzy breaks (provided by some of the finest studio musicans in Vienna). Their jazzy downtempo 12" "La Politique" earned them a reputation as groove aficiandos in 2000.

07 Freedom Satellite — Savor (Jaeger & Sampler Remix) [4:59]

The label "Paul´s Musique" stands for genre crossing experiments - spontanity and fun are the main ingredients for the exalted sound-mixtures of labelheads, recordstore owners and producers Tobi Ettle & Mischa Harrer a.k.a. Jaeger & Sampler. In their remix the tribal parts from the original are paired with some heavy basslines to form an intense and massive funk stomper.

08 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (Aromabar Club Mix) [6:57]

On their first "Soul Samba - Remix" Aromabar present themselves in a deep Brazilian mood. A fine bass-driven groove, lyrical bossa guitars and tight percussion blend into an extremly relaxed lounge track. Latin Chill deluxe.

09 Freedom Satellite — Easy (Marschmellows Remix) [6:19]

We shape our pieces so that we can play them at any time." says Thilo Kraft and Jörg Rosenbaum a.k.a. Marschmellows. Under the influence of ten years of DJing (playing with - among others - Rockers Hifi, Fatboy Slim, Deejay Punk Roc, Skints Cut La Roc, Aromabar, Sofa Surfers etc.), their uptempo adaption of "easy" evolves into an exciting sound-mix, blending electro and house elements into a sinister floor filler.

10 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (Walkner.Möstl Remix) [6:24]

After the release of their first E.P. "Bluish" (G-Stone Recordings) Austrian duo Walkner.Möstl ascended to one of the most promising new acts of the much-hyped Viennese downtempo-scene. Abstract, spherical dub-patterns and clever breaks add some mind-warping qualities to their "whatever”-remix - reminescent of their fabolous first Allbum "Heaven and Hell".

11 Freedom Satellite — Soul Samba (Mad Professors Dubtronic Mix) [4:25]

Since his first release "Dub me crazy" in 1981, Neil Frazier aka "Mad Professor" evolved into one of the most important figures of the contemporary dub reggae scene. His Discography covers over 100 Albums including (besides his own outings) legendary remixes for Massive Attack, the Orb, Sade and many more. Definitely a master at work - check it out!


"’s a very departure from lounge chic,…,”Whatever” is deep and dark, while “Easy” is powerfully easy." © MINISTRY/UK, 2001

"Die neuen Bewerber für die diesjährige Sommerkollektion stehen in den Boxen. Man trägt wieder Dub." © INTRO / D, July 2001

"...Vinyl Vibes, Marschmellows, Walkner.Möstl und Mad Professor u.a. haben das zustande gebracht, was ein gutes Remix – Album ausmacht." © EVOLVER / A, June 2001



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