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Born 1974 in Eisenstadt and raised in Wulkapodersdorf, Jürgen Drimal developed his passion for music at the tender age of nine, which should coin his path of life decisively. The stepping stone for his musical evolution was the purchase of some Motown records. This was the decisive stimulus for taking keyboard lessons in the years to follow.

By aid of his later next door neighbour, no other than Jazz drummer Idris Muhammad,  Drimal’s love and knowledge for and about Black Music blossomed and he absorbed all shades of Funk, Soul, Jazz, R’n’B, Brasil and Latin. His further way was the logical consequence of a passionate love affair with music.

Starting with a short tenure as a record dealer, he opened his own enterprise at the age of 19. It didn’t take long for Jürgen Drimal to make a move to Vienna, launching his record store “Cool Vibes” in the centre of Austria’s capitol.

DJ Jürgen Drimal

Besides his occupation with the record market, Drimal has already been DJ-ing in various clubs since he was 16. He is a DJ that understands his craft from professional warm-ups with a sense of Soul-Jazz to heat-ups, only satisfied when every arm is trying to touch the ceiling. He has seen all the places, been here and there, gained international reputation and still loves his "job" in the DJ Box.

Producer & LabElmanager

Eventually, in 1994 he underwent his first attempts to become a producer of electronic music and this venture led to the release of ‘Time Zone’ in 1996, a corporation with Jochen Reiter. This in New York produced 12“ was the first release on their own label Hollis Haus and at the same time the first step into the label business. This project was followed by Cool Vibes Records.

Inspired by the potential of Vienna’s DJ scene and the obvious lack of a platform for releases, Drimal developed the compilation project ‘Vienna Scientists’ in 1998. Functioning as a forum for DJs and Producers alike, it gave Austrias Electronic New Skool the possibility to showcase its skills and styles.

In the spring to follow, Jürgen Drimal founded his own label ‘Vienna Scientists Recordings’ which celebrated 2009 the tenth anniversary of the label with the release ‘Vienna Scientists V- The 10th Anniversary".

Parallel to the foundation of the label, Drimal and his fellow music producer Gernot Ebenlechner teamed up as Freedom Satellite in order to release their very own musical ideas. They christened their offspring by the name of Freedom Satellite which is about to mature to LP-length in the near future.

With the long-term friendship to the Sunshine Enterprise Team, which owns a recordlabel, clubs and bars as well as restaurants, it was no wonder that they decided to come together on a permanent basis and join forces (2006). They knew each other by DJ together, remixing and producinging for each other as well as party together. Since 2008 Jürgen Drimal took over the Agendas of Sunshine Enterprises Labelmanagement.

Even up to today the producer and DJ has a great passion for finding good music. As a label manager and Head of A&R for Vienna Scientists Recordings the founder has been on the lookout for fresh talent as well as exclusive tracks of established musicians.


The first audible product of the new partners creative spell is the Radio station 98.3 Superfly, which went on air on the 29 February 2008. Jürgen Drimal is the connoisseur behind the musical taste of the station.

This is the scene in which Jürgen Drimal brings in to full extent his competence in the matter of selected taste in his double function as the label director of the Vienna Scientists and the label manager of Sunshine, which makes him the "music daddy" in the editorial department for music of Superfly.

In many months of hard work he has digitalized numerous tracks from his record collection, to spice up the airwave menu with rarities from Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco. Viennese style at it’s best.

He also presents his own show "Easy Does It" together with his soul mate Franz Artner every Wednesday between 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm - with a fine selection from Soul, Funk, Modern Soul, Disco, Afro, Brazil und Jazz.

And in the "In Heat"-Radioshow, Drimal totally dedicates himself to Jazz in all its variants every second Sunday of the month from 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm.



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